Stikbot Dino Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, and Pachycephalosaurus Review (Zing)

Stikbot Dino Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, and Pachycephalosaurus
What It Is

Meet the Stikbot Dinos! The three dinos in this first collection includes the Stikbot Dino Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, and Pachycephalosaurus. They've got the same suction cup and elastic construction of the original Stikbot, which means kids can pose them as they make movies with the Stikbot app. 

The app is very intuitive, and you can be creating movies in moments. Place your dino in a starting pose,  line up the camera, and start. Each time you touch the shutter button (or use the volume control on your device), you'll shoot one frame. Move the characters slightly and take another. (You'll see a ghosted image of the previous frame, so that can help you with how much to move your characters to make a fluid movement.) When you're done, you can see your creation, share it or post it to social media.

Is It Fun?
For kids who like Stikbot, these are a great addition to the collection that includes the original Stikbot Animation Studio and the Stikbot Pets

You don't need to be making movies to enjoy these toys. In fact, we've heard that there are a lot of younger kids who just love collecting these to play with. And they certainly fill the bill for that.

Who It’s For

Zing recommends these for ages 4 and up. Younger kids will probably get most out of playing with them as action figures, while older kids who are able to use the app and have the patience to shoot movies a frame at a time will like this addition to the Stikbot cast of characters. 

What To Be Aware Of
As noted, filming the movies takes patience, and it takes time to adjust the movements of the figures. 

The Stikbot Dinos are all sold separately. 

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