Super Spinner Swing Review (PlayMonster)

Super Spinner Swing
What It Is

It's one of the most classic of all summertime activities, celebrated by kids and even the poet Robert Louis Stevenson. But you haven't seen a swing quite like this before! The Super Spinner Swing from PlayMonster is a large, saucer swing that attaches to a tree branch or swing set frame. The saucer bace has a concave design, which means that kids (or adults) naturally slide into the middle for a super secure ride. The swing will hold up to 200 pounds, and the larger version (not shown here) will hold up to 650 pounds.

The inventor said that he set out to create a fun alternative to the traditional tire swing, and, well, he certainly succeed. The big surface is designed to withstand all the elements, and the swing comes with all the hardware needed to set it up. 

Is It Fun?
Virtually everyone loves to swing, and the Super Spinner is great for active kids who want to spin and play actively or simply relax and enjoy the gentle motion. As noted, the design keeps kids in the center of the swing, so they'll feel completely secure as they play. Parents will like that, too. 
Who It’s For
The Super Spinner Swing is intended for kids ages 3 years and up. It's great for any kid who likes to swing, and they'll enjoy the swinging, spinning--or both at the same time. 

What To Be Aware Of
If you are considering attaching this to a tree, you can purchase straps that make that easy and support the weight.

PlayMonster also makes a larger version of this called the Super Duper Spinner Swing that's great for adults and will hold up to 650 pounds.

The saucer base has a hole in the center, which allows water to drain out after a rainstorm.

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