Sleep 'N Feed Baby Nesting System Review (Sleep 'N Feed)

Sleep 'N Feed Baby Nesting System
What It Is

The Sleep 'N Feed Baby Nesting System is convenient sleep pillow for babies and infants. This pillowed bed works as a baby nesting system for infants and toddlers. Four key configurations allow parents to safely sleep, feed, and travel with baby from birth up to a year old and maybe even longer. The Sleep 'N Feed features an advanced high- technical fabric called Dintex which is a waterproof, stain proof, and antimicrobial fabric. Dintex is also breathable and temperature regulating. The Sleep 'N Feed features four exterior pillows around a base. The newborn insert cradles the newborn until she grows out of it. A buckle strap helps fold this for travel and backpack straps make it hands-free for on the go. This can also be used as a nursing pillow and an industrial base Velcro helps adjust this pillow for maximum comfort for baby and parent. There are three layers to this nesting pillow. The soft, matte side of the fabric has a stretch to it, the middle layer blocks liquids and stains while also allowing baby's skin to breathe and the top lightweight fabric is comfy and warm against baby's body. This nesting pillow folds up and can be taken while you travel or move around your home or even when you are outdoors. This pillow allows baby to be in the bed with parents while being safe because of the raised barriers around the nest.

Why Is It Useful?

Overall we think this nesting pillow is a huge help for parents and baby. It's a breastfeeding pillow, helps keep baby in bed for safe co-sleeping and can be used as a travel bed for babies on the go. This is a soft comfortable bed that gives parents peace of mind while giving the baby a comfortable place to rest.

Who It’s For

The Sleep 'N Feed is for use with babies up to age 18 months. This can be used as a soft bed with bumpers for toddlers.

What To Be Aware Of

This nesting system folds up for easy transportation. All materials can be washed. This pillowed bed with bumpers can be used for toddlers to help prevent rolling out of bed.

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