Meadow Days Super Mat Review (Tiny Love)

Meadow Days Super Mat
What It Is

The Meadow Days Super Mat is an extra large play mat with cute graphics, and engaging activities to encourage baby's development. The soft, padded mat measures a little less than 5x5 feet. It features sweet graphics of animals including a fox, bunny, deer, porcupine, and raccoon, along with butterflies, and bugs. Activities include a removable peek-a-boo tree mirror, a crinkly fox tail, a carrot shaped teether, a pocket, ribbons to grasp, and more. Recommended for newborns and up, this mat grows with a child, and can be used during the newborn stage as well as once baby is sitting up or crawling. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it folds up easily for storage and travel. IT is 100% polyester, and is machine washable. 

Is It Fun?

This play mat features a cute animal theme, and has sensory activities for baby. It's large enough for two babies to lay or play together - ideal for twins or a play date. We also love how this mat grows with a child, and can be used once baby is sitting up or crawling unlike many play mats that babies quickly outgrow. 

Who It’s For

This play mat is for newborns and up. It can be used for tummy time or once a baby is sitting up or even crawling. It's large enough for two babies so it is a great option for twins or play dates. 

What To Be Aware Of

The mat is 100% polyester, and can be washed in a washing machine.

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