Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier Review (Worldwise)

Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier
What It Is

Cool features that make Comfort Ride:

The sides of the carrier are comprised of panels that are puncture and chew resistant.

The side panels are made of mesh to ensure maximum ventilation and viewing for the traveller inside.

The top completely unzips from the base for easy cleaning and even easier storage.

AND a large side zipper that can safely hold any and all important travel documents for you and your pet.

Why Is It Useful?

The Comfort Ride is guaranteed to fly on most major airlines. So no fretting that once you get to the airport you'll run into travel problems for your pet.

Who It’s For

Sherpa suggests that before purchasing a travel bag for your pet that you NOT select the carrier size based simply on weight only. It's important to choose a carrier based on your pet's measurement first, and THEN make sure it doesn't exceed the maximum weight limit.

I was able to test out the Medium Comfort Carrier at home with my companions, which is meant for cats and dogs up to 16 pounds. I think Clawd particularly liked this medium carrier because the bag creates a teepee effect inside. It has a wide, sturdy base with enough room to cocoon himself in, and it narrows near the top. Almost like he's tucked away safe inside a little cave. Which is probably the most important aspect when it comes to carriers that are geared toward air travel. You want your furry kid to feel cozy, eliminating as much anxiety as you can. So that was a big plus for us, whether Clawd's ever been on a plane or not.

What To Be Aware Of

A word of advice for all those looking for a travel carrier and are trying this one out. Make sure that you are picking up the carrier from the handle on top. If you pick up the Comfort Ride by only it's adjustable strap, your cat is going to barrel roll. Clawd unfortunately learned this with me the hard way, *See Video* This happens because the strap is secured on opposite sides of the bag, meant to facilitate comfort while carrying against your body, but is not stable enough to pick up from the strap and have it NOT tip over. But by keeping that in mind, this bag is a sensible investment for your animals travel comfort.

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