Hide 'n Play Activity Tent Review (Hartz)

Hide 'n Play Activity Tent
What It Is

What the Hide 'N Play lacks in beauty, it certainly makes up for with its repeated play. Clawd took to this product very quickly. He was inside the bag attachment before we even finished setting it up.

In regards to set up, the whole product didn't take us more than 5 minutes to put it all together. It has about 8 pieces, not including the pins that lock the tent into the activity arch. The ball track base comes together with slide-n-fit slots, locking it securely together. And as easy as it is to put together, it comes apart and stows just as easily.

The Hide 'N Play has a lot of interaction options. A scratching post for brushing, a cat toy rod with the option of swapping out danglers, a feather post, a track ball and a carpet base. FIVE THINGS!! And last but not least, the bag attachment, that was paws down Clawd's favorite part.

So yes, this is kinda an ugly duckling product, but with an insanely affordable price point and it's frequent repeated use in our home, it does exactly what it needs to do.

Is It Fun?

The Hide 'N Play has elements that encourages both interaction AND nap time.

Who It’s For

With so many interaction points on this product, your cat is sure to find something to love with the Hide 'N Play.

What To Be Aware Of

The set-up and take down of this product is super simple. If you have plans to keep the Hide 'N Play fully functional, the bag attachment collapses into itself, still making sure it can be tucked away if you'd like.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value