StikBot Dino Movie Set Review (Zing)

StikBot Dino Movie Set
What It Is

If you love making movies, and what you really want to do is direct, then this os the toy for you! This is the Stikbot Dino Movie Set, and it's super fun. Set up is fairly easy. The whole thing is made of laminated cardboard, and while assembly is easy, you'll want to take your time to make sure the numbers on the tabs match up to the numbers on the slots. That's really all there is to it. As you can see, the set features a large dino cage, small cage, reversible play platform and a very cool motorcycle. 

After it's all together, you're ready to start rolling. If you haven't already, download the Stikbot app. It's very intuitive, and you can be creating movies in moments. Place your characters in the set, line up the camera, and start. Each time you touch the shutter button (or use the volume control on your device), you'll shoot one frame. Move the characters slightly and take another. (You'll see a ghosted image of the previous frame, so that can help you with how much to move your characters to make a fluid movement.) When you're done, you can see your creation, share it or post it to social media. 

We've made some very simple videos using this set, but, of course, really creative kids can spend hours coming up with stories and bringing them to life. The set includes a lot of accessories, stick on clothes and expressions for your Stikbots, and these really cool hand clips that allow your Stikbot to hold things. That's a great new innovation. 

As noted, the surfaces of the set  are laminated so the suction cups on the Stikbots will stick to them, which makes it easy for moving and adjusting. What's not included are these very cool Stikbot dinosaurs, which are sold separately.

Is It Fun?
For kids who love to be creative and make their own movies, this is a terrific set. Inspired by dinosaur-themed entertainment, the set looks great on camera and is easy to work with. It does require a little patience and planning, but the results are very satisfying as kids play. 
Who It’s For
Zing has age graded this for 4 years and up, and while younger kids may enjoy playing with the Stikbots and Stikbot Dinos as individual toys, slightly older kids will be the ones who will be able really to create movies. We're thinking 6 or maybe even 7 and up to get the full experience and be able to move the pieces so as to shoot the best videos. The good news is that this is the kind of play that will appeal to kids even into their teenage years. (And we know some adults who are having a blast with this, too.)
What To Be Aware Of

We love this as great, creative play, and the dino theme is both classic and very much on trend in terms of making and sharing videos.

Since you're shooting the videos a frame at a time, a significant amount of patience is required to get this work right. You'll definitely want to experiment with how to move the characters between frames and how many frames to shoot to create the right visual effects you want. The great thing about this, though, is that it's really all about experimentation and the creative process.

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