Jumanji Review (Cardinal)

What It Is

If you're looking for a way to leave your world behind, then try playing Jumanji. Based on the popular Jumanji movie starring Robin Williams, this board game is played in a similar manner to what you saw in the movie, except animals, hunters, and monsoons will not pop out of the game and chase after you. Instead, you're traveling through a symbolic jungle in an attempt to reach the center of the game board first and shout "Jumanji" to end the game and win.

Players take turns rolling the number die and moving around the game board. There are a variety of spaces on which you can land:

If you land on a Wait for 5 or 8 space, you can only move off of this space when another player rolls a 5 or an 8. 

If you land on a Rhino space, you can choose to place the Rhino figure directly in front of another player's pawn to block them.

If you land on a Blank space, you draw a Danger card. Slide it into the Jumanji decoder and read it out loud. You'll also reveal a secret symbol and a number. That's the symbol the other players must roll on their rescue dice in order to save you, and if they all roll the matching symbol before time runs out, they get to move each of their pawns ahead the number of spaces that the card tells them. If every die is not a match, you have to move backward the number of spaces, and the card gets placed face up on the Doomsday Grid. If the entire grid gets filled before anyone gets to the game board center, everyone loses.

A Danger card is also drawn when a player lands on a Jungle space, except in this case, all players roll their rescue dice to make a match and try to move forward if successful or another card is drawn if not.

Just remember: do not begin unless you intend to finish.

Is It Fun?

For families who still enjoy watching the movie or reading the book, this will be a fun board game to play, although it is not an exact replica of what you see in the movie. It does seem like it has a lot of instructions, but it's really not that difficult once you read through them and sit down and play. There's definitely a nostalgia factor for today's parents who remember watching the movie when they were kids and who will enjoy sharing this game with their own kids now.

Who It’s For

Jumanji is for two to four players ages 5 and up. It will be a fun game to play for those who remember the movie or who enjoy reading the book. It might be more fun for slightly older players.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with a gameboard, four pawns, a Rhino figure, a sand timer, a number die, a rescue die, 30 Danger cards, a card decoder, a label sheet, and instructions.

The stickers on the dice didn't stay on very well.

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