Master A Million Review (Jakks Pacific)

Master A Million
What It Is

Make every idle moment count...literally.  Master A Million is a new game/toy/fidget thing from Jakks Pacific. It's a ball. You bounce it. It counts your bounces. You have to get to a million bounces. That's it. Seriously. That's it. Well, at least to start. Like many hit toys--the classic Super Ball from the 1960s, for example--the simplicity of the toy is what make it so much fun. It's not about what it does...but what you do with it that makes the fun. 

Here's how it works. Unpack the ball, then use a coin to open up the compartment on the back. You'll see a small red button inside, hold that down for 5 seconds to take the ball out of try-me mode. Then, start bouncing. The LED read out in the ball counts each bounce. You'll be surprised at how addictive this is. There's something about the counting mechanism and the (somewhat) insane appeal of actually counting up to one million bounces that's really fun. If you're like us, you'll really get into finding crazy ways to make multiple bounces with each throw, or coming up with tricks. Or just idly bouncing it as a kind of fidget toy. 

There's also an app--of course there is--that lets you record your progress, and get badges for different levels of--ahem--accomplishment. You can even see where you rank in number of bounces around the world...if that sort of thing is important to you. Simply open up the back of the ball again, plug the ball into your device, hit the red button, and you'll automatically count up.

While this is a ball, the essential play is more a game as kids compete against themselves and one another to count their bounces. 

Is It Fun?

This is fun, in a kind of crazy way. It's great for fidgeting, as a pastime and for social play. Challenge your friends. See how many different types of bounces you can create. It has a nubby surface, so sometimes it bounces a little crazy, but that's okay. Even when you miss it, the bounce still counts...most of the time. You have to hit it with a specific amount of force (not too much) to make it count. It's fun to keep this handy and play with whenever the mood strikes. 

The ball also flashes when you hit various milestones, and they're not too tough to achieve. 

We expect that this will make a great playground or after school toy for kids to do together as they race one another to that elusive million bounces.

The app is fairly rudimentary, but it does the job. It counts your bounces, gives you badges for certain levels of bouncing accomplishment and has a global leader board. 

Who It’s For
Master a Million is age graded for 4 and up. We think the sweet spot is about 7-9 for kids who are active and social. But it's great for solo play at the younger ages, too. So, if a kid is into it, they'll probably have a fun time with it. Will they stick with it to the million mark? That will vary with each kid. 
What To Be Aware Of
The battery compartment is a little tough to open. We had to use a flat end screwdriver to get the plug out. However, the ball is made of very flexible material, so if you're careful you won't harm it.

When you close the compartment, you want to be sure to give it a good twist so it locks in place. If you don't, the plug may fly out. 

The app is available free on the App Store and at Google Play. 

The ball comes in 4 colors--red, yellow, blue and green. Some online retailers we found don't let you choose the color, so if that matters to you, you'll want to pay attention to that. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    1 cell battery required