Nickelodeon Slime Automatic Slime Drencher Review (Jakks Pacific)

Nickelodeon Slime Automatic Slime Drencher
What It Is

Bring home the sliming experience comes the Nickelodeon Slime Automatic Slime Drencher from Jakks Pacific. Think of it like a game of hot potato only with slime. 

Slime prep:

This slime-making is a bit more instantaneous. You'll need an empty liter soda bottle, which isn't included. Then, simply pour the included slime powder inside and fill with room temperature water to the fill line (which we indicated in this video to give you a better visual aid). Attach the Balloon Filler Nozzle, cover, and shake to mix your slime. You'll know the slime is ready when small bubbles start to form. You'll want to do this over a sink. For slimers, the consistency here is going to be a lot more watery. 

Game prep:

Attach one of the included balloons to the nozzle and squeeze the bottle to fill with slime. The balloon should be approximately 3 inches in diameter. Open the Automatic Slime Drencher (ASD for short), place a slime-filled balloon inside, close it, and turn the knob on the ASD counterclockwise to start the timer. 


Like the game of hot potato, you'll want to pass the Automatic Slime Drencher as quickly as possible from person to person. When the timer runs out, who's ever left holding the Automatic Slime Drencher will get slimed. You can either pass the Automatic Slime Drencher around by tossing it from player to player or take turns holding the Automatic Slime Drencher over your head on every pass for the ultimate slime drenching.

Is It Fun?

This is a toy combines the fun of making slime with the fun of sliming your friends. This game is best played in a group, and don't be a scaredy cat, hold that Automatic Slime Drencher right over your head on every turn for the full experience. What adds to the fun is never knowing when the balloon will pop and the anticipation of hearing the timer slow down.

This game can be a fun option for outdoor fun but is especially well suited for party setting. It builds on the fun of slime making, viral slime videos as well as watching your favorite stars get slimed on Nickelodeon. Because it does require some prep though, this isn't the type of toy slash game you can just whip out on a whim unless maybe it's a pool party or you've got a bunch of disposable rain ponchos on hand like we did. The game comes with a total of four slime packets for repeat play. 

Who It’s For

The Nick Automatic Slime Drencher is for ages 6 and up from Jakks Pacific. It will appeal to kids that love to make slime (i.e. slimers) but especially those that maybe struggle with the slime-making process and are looking for something a bit more instantaneous that also offers a new way to play with slime. For Nickelodeon fans that love watching their favorite stars get slimed with Nickelodeon Slime on TV, they will also enjoy bringing the sliming experience home.

What To Be Aware Of

The bottle filled with slime should fill up about 6 balloons.

When the balloon pops in the ASD, discard the balloon right away and rinse and dry out the ASD before playing again. Without proper cleaning, sometimes slime can build up in the timer compartment. If this does happen, you’ll want to soak the ASD for at least 30 minutes in warm water. 

This toy is intended for outdoor use only. We suggest taking extra precautions for play, i.e. wear old clothes, or even grab a few cheap rain ponchos if you really don't want to get slime in your hair. 

If you do get slime on you, soak fabrics in warm water.

Additional Automatic Slime Drencher supplies such as balloons, more slime mix, as well as the Balloon Filler Nozzle are also sold separately.

Do not shake to hard to mix the slime. If storing the slime for later use, do not cover the nozzle or pressure may built up within the bottle.

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