Watermelon Smash Review (Yulu)

Watermelon Smash
What It Is

Hey! Let's smash a watermelon on our heads! That sounds like fun, right? Actually, it is...when you're playing Watermelon Smash, the new suspense game from Yulu. Essentially, it's a plastic watermelon that you fill with water and depending on what you spin, you tap it on your head and hope it doesn't drench you. That's really all there is to it, but it's silly, suspenseful fun for players 6 years and up. 

Assembly is easy as you slide the parts of the watermelon together, but it is a one-time assembly, so you want to be sure you do it correctly. Fill the tank with water, push the two sides of the melon together, and you're ready to go. On your turn, spin the spinner and do what it says, you'll crack the melon on your head 1, 2 or 3 times, or you'll pass it...or crack it on someone else's head. If you're drenched you're out. 

This is classic fun, and the suspense is hilarious. If you don't want to play with water, you can use the plastic watermelon seeds that are included in the set. That may be better for indoor play, but we really like the water. And there isn't really that much of it. But...your call. When you're done playing, let the watermelon dry out before you play again. 

Yulu is also inviting people to share their games on social media at #watermelonsmashchallenge. They put in all kinds of advice for not whacking yourself too hard and not dropping it on your head, but we're guessing you'll figure that out.

Is It Fun?
What's more fun than watching your friends get water all over themselves? When it comes to games like this, not much. That's why these suspense games have been so popular in recent years. There's something appealing about the watermelon and the essentially ridiculous action of bouncing it on your head. It's good for two players, but it's great for a whole gang. It doesn't take an special skill, so players of all ages can enjoy the game together. 
Who It’s For
Watermelon Smash is designed for players ages 6 years and up. Younger players will be able to play to, but 6 is about the age when kids will begin to appreciate how funny this is. We think that this is going to be a great summer party games for tweens, teens and families too. 
What To Be Aware Of

As noted above, the game has a one-time assembly, so be sure to follow the instructions. It's very intuitive, but pay attention to the directions.

The watermelon doesn't hold that much water, but it's probably best to play outdoors or in a space where water on the floor (in addition to the players) won't be a problem.

The game comes with plastic seeds that you can use instead of water. You may want to keep those in a small zipper plastic bag after play is done because they are about the size of real watermelon seeds.

After play, be sure to allow the game to dry out completely before storing it.

Pay attention to the directions for not hitting yourself too hard on the head with the watermelon. Common sense applies.

You can record and share your fun using #watermelonsmashchallenge.

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