Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Game Review (Big G Creative)

Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Game
What It Is

If there is one thing Bob Ross taught viewers in his TV series, The Joy of Painting, in addition to painting, it was how to chill. This is the premise of a new game from Big G Creative, The Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game. 

Gather your paint supplies to set-up. Put together the the easel and place it above the game board. Shuffle the Chill Cards and put them on the game board as indicated. Shuffle the Technique Cards and draw the top four cards. Place them and display them in a row face-up next to the pile. Do the same with the Art Supplies Cards. Pick a Paint Panels and place it on the easel. Set the Bob Ross mover to the first slot on the easel to begin. Each player is dealt a paint palette (individual player's board), corresponding chill cube (game piece), three feature markers, and three art supply cards. All Chill cubes are set to zero on the game board. 

Whoever painted a picture most recently goes first. On every turn, players go through two steps.

Roll the Die.

On each turn, players must roll the die and perform the indicated actions. The die features four unique symbols you can roll: 

  • Roll a Bob Ross: Turn over a Chill Card and perform the action. There are two types of Chill Cards you can draw. When a Chill Card begins with the phrase, "When this car is revealed..." the card has a one-time effect. All other Chill Cards have a lasting effect that remains in play until a new Chill card is played. Only one Chill Card will be visible at a time. Move the Bob marker on the easel one space forward. 
  • Roll a paint palette: Play one paint card and add it on your Paint Palette.
  • Roll a card symbol: Draw an Art Supplies Card from the top of the deck.
  • Roll a hand symbol: Add an additional Action on your turn.

Perform Three Actions

There are six potential actions you can do on your turn (see our full written review on for more details on these actions):

  • Draw an Art Supplies Card (1 action per card drawn)
  • Apply paint to your Paint Palette (1 action per card used)
  • Wash your Palette (1 action per paint area)
  • Sweep the Art Supplies Cards (1 action per sweep)
  • Earn a Technique Card (1 Action per card earned)
  • Paint a Feature 

Each painting has three features that either a player or Bob Ross must complete before moving forward to the next painting. Potential features include Fluffy Clouds, Almighty Mountains, Wondrous Water, Happy Little Trees, and Charming Cabin. Once a painting is complete, draw a new Paint Panel and move the Bob Ross mover back to the first space on the easel. All Feature Markers on the center game board are also returned to their owners. 

The first player to hit the "Chill" space on the chill meter wins the game.

Is It Fun?

This is the type of game that's best to simply jump right in and start playing to understand how things actually play out. Once you play through it a few times, or even once, everything comes together easily. 

The game's premise is what is going to draw people in, especially for Bob Ross fans. You wouldn't think you could translate painting with Bob Ross into gameplay, but this game not only does it but does it well. Plus, let's face it, actually painting along with Bob Ross in The Joy of Painting series is pretty tough to do but this tabletop game makes you feel like Bob's chill painting apprentice when you have the right card combos to paint some Happy Little Trees. It's also just plain fun to read the Bob Ross quotes on the Chill Cards and "paint" the iconic features of Bob Ross' paintings.

Who It’s For

The Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game is for 2-4 players ages 12 and up. It will appeal to Bob Ross fans, as well as those looking for a light and entertaining dice/strategy game. 

What To Be Aware Of

Gameplay takes only about 30 minutes at max. 

Additional Bonuses: Players can earn the following additional bonuses when they Paint a Feature.

Bob Bonus. If Bob hasn't painted the feature yet, the player earns the indicated extra Chill points on the Bob Track on the painting. Note: not all features have a Bob Bonus.

Chill Card Bonus. Some Chill Cards, when active, grant you a bonus for the feature you painted.

Technique Bonus. If you are using a Technique Card, you'll earn bonus points for every time you use it.

This game launched exclusively at Target.

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