Haka and Tiaki Diaper Backpacks Review (Bluekiwi)

Haka and Tiaki Diaper Backpacks
What It Is

The Haka and Tiaki Diaper Backpacks offer style and function that both mom and dad can appreciate. These diaper backpacks are gender-neutral in their design to easily switch between male and female wearers, and they are ergonomically designed with cushioned shoulder pads and breathable air-mesh material on the back for comfort when wearing. Plus, both of these diaper bags have fold-down changing stations giving you a built-in space to change your baby with all of the supplies needed for a diaper change in one convenient location. Each one comes with a removable cushioned changing pad, a clothing storage pocket, and diaper and baby wipes pockets.

But that's not all. Each one also has a lot of other great functional features. 

The aqua blue and graphite Haka Diaper Backpack has an insulated bottle pocket, an extra side zippered pocket, two mesh side pockets, two pockets on the back of the backpack including a secure anti-theft pocket, an accessory loop, an external quick pocket, a front zippered pocket that opens to reveal small organizer pockets, and a large main zippered compartment with a pocket for securely carrying a tablet. 

The navy blue and grey Tiaki Diaper Backpack has some similar features. It also has an insulated bottle pocket on the side, but it has an extra large insulated pocket on the front for storing even more bottles and other items that need to be kept cool. It has two external quick pockets on the front instead of one, and built-in plastic accessory loops on the front in addition to the one loop on the shoulder strap. It also has two mesh side pockets, an extra zippered side pocket, a front zippered compartment with more organizer pockets, and a main zippered compartment with a tablet pocket. And on the back, there are two pockets, including a secure anti-theft pocket.

Both of these diaper backpacks are made with easy-clean materials, including rubberized bottoms that you can just wipe clean. Each backpack is sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?

Each of these backpacks has a great look that moms and dads will find appealing, and the backpacks will definitely be useful well past the diaper-changing years. But when you need to bring the diapers and bottles and all of the baby stuff, these diaper backpacks have plenty of space to help you bring it all with you and with ease. With a backpack, you've got both hands free to tend to your little one, and the weight of all those baby essentials is more evenly distributed than if you were carrying around a traditional diaper bag. Plus, these have the built-in changing stations, which is so genius because it just makes doing a diaper change a little bit easier. 

Who It’s For

These diaper backpacks are great for both moms and dads to carry around when out and about with baby.

What To Be Aware Of

Both the Haka and Tiaki Diaper Backpacks are sold separately.

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