Mask of the Pharaoh Game Review (Hasbro)

Mask of the Pharaoh Game
What It Is

If you've ever wanted to excavate a pharaoh's tomb, now is your chance - sort of - with the new game Mask of the Pharaoh. This uses physical game pieces and an iOS or Android app to transport players to the Egyptian desert where they must navigate a complicated maze that leads to a chamber full of treasure. The only challenge? Players take turns getting 60 seconds to peek into the maze via the app and describing what they see to the other players. When you're using the app, your smartphone gets placed inside a cardboard pharaoh mask that acts as a holder for your smartphone and looks pretty cool. 

As you describe what you see, including the details on the walls and floors or whether or not you're in a corner, the other players use the physical game pieces to build the maze based on the description. After each player has had a turn looking at the maze, try and combine the physical mazes that were created to make one larger maze that the Ludo dog figure can move along from start to the Pharaoh's Chamber in a complete path. If Ludo gets there, you all win. There's a "check answer" button in the app to see the path the maze takes.

There are 24 mazes within the app divided into three difficulty levels of easy, medium, and hard. While you can change the time limit for how long each player can look at a map (minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 180 seconds), each maze has a limit to how many times the maze can be viewed during a game. 

Is It Fun?

This will definitely be a challenging game for those players who are up for it. But it's kind of a fun challenge, and we like that you can make it easier or harder depending on just how much of a challenge you want. The incorporation of the virtual component through the app is really neat and does make you feel like you are exploring an Egyptian pyramid. And it will be kind of funny to see what your teammates come up with based on what you've described and just how good of a communicator you really are.

Who It’s For

Mask of the Pharaoh is for two or more players ages 10 and up. The virtual reality component with the app makes this a fun game for older players.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with 36 map tiles, 52 item chips, 14 marker chips, two token stands, a cardboard mask, and a storage box. You have to assemble the mask before you play.

Don't walk around while wearing the mask. 

Remove the cover from your smartphone before inserting it into the mask. The mask is not intended to provide protection for your mobile device.

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