The Incredibles 2 Stretching & Speeding Elasticycle Review (Jakks Pacific)

The Incredibles 2 Stretching & Speeding Elasticycle
What It Is

Get ready to peel out with Elasta Girls from the Incredibles with the Incredibles 2 Stretching and Speeding Elasticycle from Jakks Pacific. Elastagirl is back in action, and this powerful machine gets her where she's going. You have to put it together, which takes only about 5 minutes, and then you're ready to play. 

Place the cycle on the launcher stand, crank it up, watch the cycle expand, then stop cranking and watch it take off to save the day. How much you rev it up determines the speed with which you take off. It's simple fun, and a great looking vehicle that looks like it just drove off the big screen. 

If this looks familiar to some of you classic toy fans out there, I'm not surprised, this is basically a new version of the Evil Knieval Stunt Cycle that was one of the biggest toys of 1973 from ideal. Both of these pack the same level of fun--and the same challenges. First, if you really want to make this fly, you've got to CRANK it. It's that whole force and physics thing they've got going on with this. You also have to be really sure that before you start cranking, you really lock the back pins of the cycle in place firmly. It took us a few tries to get it right, but you'll feel it when it gets in there. And if you want to test it, give the handle a gentle turn, and if the front of the motorcycle extends, you'll know you're ready to go. Then, let it fly. 

This is a pretty simple toy, and the real fun is in what you can do with it such as set up things to knock over, challenge yourself to see how far you can go and...well, you get the idea. You know, play with tit. By the way, Jakks says you can remove the figure, but it's designed to sit on the motorcycle, and while they can, we think that once kids get it on there, they won't be likely to take it off. 

Is It Fun?
For fans of The Incredibles, this is a great action toy that combines a favorite character with a classic play pattern. There's a lot of trial and error involved in creating stunts and seeing what you can do iwth this, but that's a big part of the play as kids get creative. 
Who It’s For
This is graded for kids ages 4 years and up. It's best for kids who love The Incredibles and lots of active, imaginative play. 
What To Be Aware Of
To make this work correctly, you really have to be sure that the Elasticycle is fitted firmly into the launcher. According to the package, you'll hear a snap. Kind of. We found it's more a feeling thing as you seat the pins on the back of the cycle into the frame. If you want to test it before you crank it up, give the crank a small turn, and if you see the front of the Elasticycle extent, you'll know that it's seated correctly.

The cycle takes off as soon as you stop cranking, so you want to be sure you've got it fully powered up before you stop. If you stop sharply, it will send the cycle off with a little more speed. It's all about trying it out and seeing what works. 

We had a blast trying to set up different challenges for it, even if they didn't always work. After all, Elastigirl gets into some pretty sticky situations, too.

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