Orbee-Tuff Treat Guru Dispenser Review (Planet Dog)

Orbee-Tuff Treat Guru Dispenser
What It Is
These dog toys are 3 new additions to the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff line.  They are the Lil Dipper, the Strobe and the Guru.  The Lil Dipper is a small star-shaped toy made especially for smaller dogs.  There is a hole in the Lil Dipper to put a treat into it to keep Fido interested.  The Lil Dipper rates a 4 out of 5 on the Planet Dog toughness scale.  The Strobe from Planet Dog has a mechanism that is built into the ball without using any glue or adhesives.  The Strobe will light up when it hits something hard like the ground. The strobe has over 200 hours of light life and it's great for playing after the sun goes down.  It's also extra tough earning a 5 of 5 on the Planet Dog toughness scale.  The Guru is also rated 5 out of 5 and it has 5 different places to hide treats.  Your dog will love biting or clawing his way to get the treats to release from the ball.  All of these products are made from a proprietary materials call Orbee-tuff which is completely non toxic. 
Is It Fun?
These toys are great fun for all dogs that like to chew, fetch or enjoy treat dispensers.  These toys are also for pet parents who are concerned about what their canine kid's toys are made from.
Who It’s For
These dogs toys are for any dogs who enjoy playing and chewing rubbery toys.  The Strobe is great for pet parents who might not get home until after dark.  The Guru is terrific for exercising the mind since it gives your dog a challenge to remove the treats from the ball.  The Lil Dipper is sized perfectly for small dogs.  All of the the dogs have a rubbery texture that is soft to the touch and easy on the gums. 
What To Be Aware Of

All of the Planet Dog balls are non-toxic.  The light inside of the strobe has approximately 200 hours of life.  A portion of the proceeds goes to the Planet Dog Foundation.  The mission of the Planet Dog Foundation is to promote and support assistance dog organizations that enhance and save people's lives.

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