Tube Superstar Review (Worlds Apart)

Tube Superstar
What It Is

Record, Edit and Vlog like your favorite YouTube Stars. Tube Superstar features live video, effects and editing. Tube Superstar comes with a unique microphone which features a QR reader that allows for simple editing on the go. To get started simply download the app, enter your exclusive code, put your smartphone in the holder and start recording. Once you've started recording, the unique microphone with QR reader will control how you edit your Vlog. As you film simply twist to change the code and the app will apply awesome effects, cool filters and super stickers. Likewise, the app features three video modes (challenge mode, how to mode and performance mode) as well as unique filters, effects and sounds.

Is It Fun?

Tube Superstar makes it super easy to create fun and engaging videos. There are a lot of fun features with this set. We enjoyed the 50+ filters and animations as well as the fun backgrounds and stickers. Plus, we like that the app was easy to find and download. Also, we like that the mic can extend and the clip can hold most mobile phones pretty tight. But what we really like is that this set comes with several tutorial videos right inside the app so you can quickly get started making videos and becoming that star.  

Who It’s For

Tube Superstar is recommended for ages 6 years and up. It is ideal for kids who love making videos and watching YouTube. 

What To Be Aware Of

This set requires a mobile phone, which is not included. The app for this set also requires iOS 10+ or Android 6+ Also, the app takes a while to process videos once it is done recording them.  

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