Jurassic World Gyrosphere RC Review (Mattel)

Jurassic World Gyrosphere RC
What It Is
The Gyrosphere is a vehicle that appeared in the Jurassic World movies that allowed park visitors a fun way to go through the park and see the dinosaur attractions close up. Mattel has made a radio control version of that vehicle that comes with an Owen figure, the Chris Pratt character.   The Gyrosphere R/C is a very basic radio control toy that you press forward to go forward, and press backward to turn 360 degrees.
Is It Fun?
Younger kids will like the simplicity of this vehicle and the fact its an excellent rreplica of the one featured in the movies. Older kids might find it a little boring because there aren't many bells and whistles except for the basic features. For a basic Gyrosphere, it was easy to assemble and functioned quite well.
Who It’s For
Younger fans of Jurassic World will like this toy, especially kids around 4-8.
What To Be Aware Of
This Chris Pratt Owen figure is a bit difficult to attach to his seat as lining up the pegs to the holes in his soles is not easy. Other 3.75 inch figures are sold and will fit in the Gyrosphere.
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  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AA & 3 AAA batteries required