LEGO Ninjago Ninja Nightcrawler, Street Race of Snake Jaguar, and Katana V11 Review (LEGO)

LEGO Ninjago Ninja Nightcrawler, Street Race of Snake Jaguar, and Katana V11
What It Is

 Ninja Nightcrawler is Lego item 70641. Assembly of these 552 pieces took one hour. Recommended ages is 9-14. This set includes 3 mini figures: Nya, Lloyd, and Ultra Violet. The beautiful Nightcrawler features a cockpit, and 2 foldout, 6-stud rapid shooters. The stud shooters can be triggered manually, or push down on the back, drive and watch the studs fly! Ultra Violet rides a Stone Booster bike and wears the Oni Mask of Hatred. Street Race of Snake Jaguar is Lego item 70639. The 308 pieces took 35 minutes to assemble. It's great for Ninjago fans 7-14, and the set includes two mini figures: Zane and Mr. E.  Zane's bike features 2 foldout blades and 2 stud shooters on a detachable drone. Mr. E's Oni Bike includes chopping blades and 2 stud shooters. Mr. E. can change things up with a podium featuring the Mask of Vengeance and Demon Torso transformation. The Katana V11 is Lego item 70638. It took us 25 minutes to assemble, and it's recommended for ages 7-14. It includes 257 pieces and two mini figures: Kai and Luke Cunningham. Kai's Katana has an opening mini-figure cockpit. It features foldout boosters and 2 hidden spring-loaded shooters. The Katana and Luke's bike are adorned with flame-style exhaust elements

Is It Fun?
Yes. All three Lego sets are fun to assemble and fans will love creating their very own Ninjago adventures. 
Who It’s For
Lego Ninjago fans, ages 7+
What To Be Aware Of

All three sets are sold separately. MSRPs:  Katana V11 is $24.99, Street Race of Snake Jaguar is $34.99, and Ninja Nightcrawler is $49.99.

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