Mon Grand Poupon Alice Doll and Accessories Review (Corolle)

Mon Grand Poupon Alice Doll and Accessories
What It Is

As part of the Corolle Mon Grand Poupon collection, here are the Mon Grand Poupon Alice doll and the 3-piece Breakfast Box and 2-piece Toaster accessory sets. 

The doll is part of the Grand Poupon Series, which is essentially comprised of larger scale toddler dolls from Corolle that measure 14-inches tall with soft bodies. Alice features long, easy-to-comb hair for little ones to style using her hair accessory and included pink brush. The doll also features sleepy brown eyes and wears a pink floral print dress that matches her sewn on headband. The outfit is paired with pink slip-on shoes. The doll can also easily be placed in the seated position. This doll, like all Corolle dolls, features a warm yet light vanilla scent to its soft vinyl---a Corolle signature. 

To further the experience of taking on the role of mommy and daddy, Corolle also offers these little accessory sets. Little moms and dads can pretend to feed their baby dolls and food prep. The 3-piece Breakfast Box (Coffret Petit Dejeuner pour poupon) features items typical of a French breakfast: a bottle of milk (lait), a cup, and a croissant that comes apart so kids can pretend to break it in half or cut it. In the 2-piece Toaster set (Grille Pain et Tartine pour Poupon), the toaster is spring loaded to mimic the real pop of a toaster. 

Is It Fun?

Overall, Corolle continues to extend its position as a leader in classic baby doll play with its sweet scented baby dolls that encourage lots of nurturing. 

Who It’s For

This doll and accessories are for 2 and up. It's no secret that dolls are a great way to not only cater to kids that like nurturing play but also inspire kids to develop this side of their personalities as well. Corolle's classic doll sets are prefect for this because of their simplicity, acting in some ways as a blank slate for kids to roleplay with and make up their own storylines as they play. 

What To Be Aware Of
The Corolle Alice doll and accessories are each sold separately. Looking for more Corolle dolls to add to your collection? Check out more of our past Corolle product reviews.
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