Fresh Patch Review (Fresh Patch)

Fresh Patch
What It Is
Fresh Patch is a subscription service that delivers a patch of hydroponic grass to your home for use as an indoor place for dogs and cats to relieve themselves.  The grass is hydroponically grown which means there isn't any dirt used.  This makes the delivered patch light.  Fresh Patch says that their grass will last longer than regular sod.  The grass is delivered flat in a plastic lined box which doubles as a holder.  Larger sized Fresh Patches are rolled.  Fresh Patch claims that the grass should last from 1-4 weeks depending on the amount of use it gets.  This is ideal for pet parents who have unpredictable work schedules, apartment dwellers, older pet parents and dogs who either have small bladders or are old or injured and cannot get outside easily.  The Fresh Patch is also good for housebreaking puppies. 
Why Is It Useful?
Fresh Patch can be used for housebreaking puppies, as a place for your dog to go in case you don't make it home in time, or if you have a dog who doesn't like to go out in the rain or snow.  Fresh Patch can also be used with cats as a place for them to go or, just hang out and play.  It also eliminates the need to constantly change soiled wee wee pads.
Who It’s For
The Fresh Patch is great for dogs who don't like to go out when the weather is foul.  It is also ideal for pet parents that might live in high rise apartments that make getting outside an ordeal.  Fresh Patch is also great for pet parents that work unpredictable schedules.  The Fresh Patch gives your dog a place to go in case you're not able to make it home in time.  Also, elderly pet parents who may not get around as well as they used to could use the Fresh Patch as a back up.  We think Fresh Patch might work well with housebreaking puppies.  The Fresh Patch can also be used for cats who may be finicky about the litter box or just as a place to hang out and play. 
What To Be Aware Of
Fresh Patch comes in different sizes for different sized pets.  The prices are slightly more for large sizes.  There are no long-term contracts involved with Fresh Start.  Automatic re-order is available.  No dirt comes with Fresh Patch.  The grass is grown hydroponically.  Do not put Fresh Patch in direct sunlight.  Also, do not water the grass directly.  You can mist it if it dries out.  Fresh Patch should last between 1-4 weeks depending on the amount it is used. 
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