Terrarium Jewelry Review (Make It Real)

Terrarium Jewelry
What It Is

If you've ever wanted to be a jewelry designer, now's your chance with the Make It Real Terrarium Jewelry kit. This comes with everything you need to make three fairy world pendants. Just fill a bottle pendant with sand, glitter, moss, gems, and a flower, then close it up, attach the bottle and some charms to a ring, loop the ring through a chain, and you've got your necklace.

There's also a Jewelry Design Dream Guide magazine with information about becoming a jewelry designer and a Q&A with a real-life jewelry designer.

Is It Fun?

Much like the other Make It Real craft kits, this one will be very inspiring to aspiring jewelry designers or any kid who dreams of entering the fashion industry someday. Not only do kids get to make cool-looking, wearable necklaces, but they also get to see how this craft can be turned into a real career down the line. 

Who It’s For

The Terrarium Jewelry kit is for ages 8 and up. Kids with an interest in making their own jewelry will have fun creating miniature fairy worlds inside pendants with this kit.

What To Be Aware Of

This kit comes with three bottle pendants, three miniature flowers, three gem charms, three metallic charms, chain, tweezers, various glitters, moss, three colors of sand, metallic rings, lobster clasps, jump rings, a Dream Guide magazine, and instructions. You will need to provide your own pliers.

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