Make It Real Fashion Collection Unicorn Hoodie Blanket Review (Make It Real)

Make It Real Fashion Collection Unicorn Hoodie Blanket
What It Is

It's real sewing for kids. What could be more magical than rocking a unicorn hooded blanket? Wearing a unicorn hooded blanket you've created. Learn simple sewing techniques and develop skills with this creative kit. Learn how to knot and sew this cozy fleece hoodie with this kits kid-friendly precut materials.

Each kit comes with 10 pieces of pre-cut fleece, 57 fleece fringes as well as a real needle with thread. The kit also comes with a threader, plastic thimble, metallic thread and polyester filling. Plus, the kit comes with a Dream Guide magazine and instruction guides. 

Is It Fun?

We had a lot of fun with this sewing kit and so much more. The unicorn hoodie design allows for more of a creative learning sewing experience than most. Likewise we enjoyed the super soft fleece with its bright colors. We also had fun with unique kid friendly sewing techniques such as knotting that this kit offers. We also enjoyed the unicorn accessories, like a horn and ears, that can be made with this kit. 

Who It’s For

This Unicorn Hoodie Blanket Kit is recommended for ages 8 years and up. We also recommend this blanket for anyone who loves arts and crafts, especially sewing, and wearing fun funky play themed clothing. When finished this blanket is perfect for those big kids and those who are kids at heart.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult help might be required when making this Unicorn Hoodie Blanket, especially with those unicorn features like a horn. Likewise, it does take a few hours to make this blanket depending on skill level and experience. Also, it should be noted that there is a real sewing needle in this kit.

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