QWIZL Chew Toy Review (West Paw Design)

QWIZL Chew Toy
What It Is
The Qwizl from West Paw Design is a durable chew toy for dogs.  It is made from a proprietary rubbery material called Zogoflex which is BPA free, Latex free, phalate free, FDA compliant and completely non-toxic.  There is a chamber in the middle of the Qwizl as well as openings at either end.  These spaces are for treats to keep your dog focused on chewing the Qwizl and not your furniture.  The Qwizl holds up well to aggressive chewing and it's hour-glass shape makes it easy for dogs to hold with their paws.  The Qwizl is also weighted well for a fetch game and if you have a shy fetcher on your hands, you can load it up with a treat to entice your playful pooch into action.  The Qwizl cleans up easily and it's dishwasher safe.
Is It Fun?
The Qwizl has a few levels of play including chewing and treat dispensing that should keep Fido interested and that makes it fun.  You can also use it to engage your pooch is a lively fetch game.
Who It’s For
The Qwizl is for dogs that chew aggressively or any dog that enjoys chomping on rubber-like toys to reduce stress and release energy.  The Qwizl is also good for dogs who like treat dispensing toys.  This toy is also for pet parents who insist on safe products for their best furry friends.  The Qwizl comes in 2 sizes so they are great for large or small dogs. 
What To Be Aware Of
Qwizls are non-toxic.  West Paw offers a replacement guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase.  Qwizls are dishwasher safe.  They are offered in two sizes, large and small and 3 colors, aqua blue, tangerine and granny smith.  Qwizls are made in the USA.  Like all dog toys this should only be played with under pet parents supervision.
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