Marvel Avengers Bunch O Balloons and Slingshot Review (Zuru)

Marvel Avengers Bunch O Balloons and Slingshot
What It Is
Looking for a leg up in a water battle, The Marvel Avenger Bunch O Balloons Slingshot from Zuru comes with 100 easy to fill balloons with logos from Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America. It takes only a minute to fill all of your balloons using a hose. Once you have your ammunition, just place a balloon in the pouch of the slingshot, pull back, aim and release to fire.
Is It Fun?
Young kids will enjoy this toy. Teens and adults will believe they can throw the balloons as far, but for younger kids who haven't developed the arm strength, they will enjoy slinging the balloons in a slingshot.
Who It’s For
This is age graded for 6 and older and we think the range is from ages 6-12 as older kids can easily throw the balloons.
What To Be Aware Of
Once the balloons pop, there are scraps of the balloons. If you're playing in an area that needs to be kept clean, it could take five to ten minutes to clean up.
  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy