Mash'ems Hatch'ems Series 1 Review (Tech 4 Kids)

Mash'ems Hatch'ems Series 1
What It Is

Crack, hatch and enjoy the squishy surprise. Crack, then hatch a squishy surprise with the Mash'ems Hatch'ems. Simply pop the lip of the egg then bop the inside top, and watch in amazement as your chick hatches from its egg and magically grows! Also, what character will you find inside? Well, you never know what will grow, out of the egg with 6 fun surprise characters to collect. 

Each Hatch'Ems Mystery Pack comes with 1 surprise chick, or squishy figure, that hatches from the egg. They also come with a hard plastic egg and a bopper inside the egg to release, or hatch, the chick and help it grow.

Is It Fun?

The Mash'ems Hatch'ems initial surprise is a lot of fun. We have rarely seen a surprise toy where the reveal is so weird, but wonderful. The concept of an expanding, yet hatching toy is very cool. That being said, its really hard to open the egg at first to get to the bopper. Also, the bopper is kind of hard to push on to release the chick. Plus, once the chick is released it can't be deflated to fit back into its egg, sadly. Overall, the initial surprise is a lot of fun, but this toy has issues.

Who It’s For

The Mash'ems Hatch'ems is recommended for ages 4 and Up. We also recommend them for anyone who loves surprises, especially surprises that come with a bang or a pop. They are also ideal for those who love toys that are active and squishy. 

What To Be Aware Of

This squishy chick once hatched, can't stand on its own and looks weird at first. It typically looks bloated with a faded face, but it can also even look deformed and scary at times. Plus, the way the chick inflates is with a "non toxic" liquid inside, which stays inside the chick to swash around, but the chick doesn't seem like it will pop easily. Lastly, the most frustrating thing about this toy is that the writing on the packaging is too small. It's a recommended read, that is incredibly hard to read.

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