Willow 5-inch Touchscreen PTZ Baby Monitor Review (Levana)

Willow 5-inch Touchscreen PTZ Baby Monitor
What It Is

The Willow 5-inch Touchscreen PTZ Baby Monitor is a baby monitor that gives parents some extra peace-of-mind features while their baby sleeps peacefully. 

The "PTZ" in the title stands for "pan, tilt, and zoom", all things parents can do right from the parent unit's touchscreen. The camera can be adjusted horizontally 300 degrees and tilted vertically 110 degrees to always keep baby in view. And at nighttime, the camera uses invisible infrared LEDs to provide a clear image of your baby in the dark up to 12 feet away.

The parent unit screen will also tell you the temperature in baby's room and give you audible or on-screen alerts if the temperature goes outside of the range you've set. There is also a visible sound bar on the screen that lights up to alert you of noise in baby's room, but that's only visible if the screen is on.

Plus, this has a customizable feeding and nap timer that provides audio or on-screen alerts when it's time to feed baby or put baby down for a nap. If you're breastfeeding, it will even remind you if your last feeding was on the left or right.

You can also communicate with your baby. Press the "talk" button to offer the sound of your voice to a fussy baby without going back into the nursery, or use the controls on the parent unit to tell the camera to play the built-in lullabies, soothing white noise, and nature sounds.

You can also add up to four cameras and view two or more of them with split and quad screen options. (Additional cameras are sold separately.)

This monitor also has a 12-hour battery life in power save mode, and it gets a full re-charge using the included AC adapter in 3.5 hours. The parent unit can also be charged via a USB port.

Why Is It Useful?

This is an ideal choice for a video baby monitor because it comes with a lot of great features. We like that it has such a long battery life and that the camera is adjustable. And if you have more than one child, being able to view them all at once on one screen is a nice feature. The two-way communication with built-in lullabies and soothing sounds is helpful, as is the feeding and nap timer, although we're not sure how many parents will actually use that feature through their baby monitor as opposed to using it through an app on their phone. 

Who It’s For

This baby monitor is for parent use and will be helpful for parents looking to keep an eye and ear on their baby during naptime and bedtime.

What To Be Aware Of

You can add up to four cameras with this monitor, but additional cameras are sold separately.

It takes 3.5 hours to charge the parent unit and it gets 12 hours of battery life in power save mode. Both the camera and parent unit come with AC adapters, but the parent unit also comes with a USB cord for charging.

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