Kudo Banz Starter Kit Review (Kudo Banz)

Kudo Banz Starter Kit
What It Is

If you've ever felt like you need a little extra help parenting, then let Kudo Banz help you out. Kudo Banz is a system that functions like a sticker chart except it's worn on a child's wrist like a bracelet so it's always there to offer positive reinforcement for your child whenever you need it.

In the Starter Kit, which includes everything you need for one to two kids, you receive a hardcover storybook, two bands, six Kudo charms, a carrying pouch, and a free app download. It works like this: you read the storybook to your child. Titled "The Adventures of Drago & George and the Magical Banz", the book introduces the concept of how Kudo Banz works through a story of two little boys who receive bands from their grandma and learn to listen and clean up their room in order to earn rewards on their bands.

Then, your child wears a band, and you reward your child for good behavior by placing a Kudo charm on the band. There are three spots for charms on the band, and when the third spot is filled, you use the free iOS or Android app to scan the charm and spin the app's reward wheel to see what reward your child gets to do. You can fill the reward wheel in advance with things your child likes, such as extra outdoor playtime or taking a trip to the zoo with daddy. And with each spin of the reward wheel, they "level up" in the app. That doesn't really mean anything, but it looks cool to little kids.

Then remove the charms and start over.

Is It Fun?

If you're the type of parent who doesn't want to be constantly yelling to "eat your veggies", "clean up your mess", and "brush your teeth", then Kudo Banz might be the way to help you remain calm while helping motivate your child to learn positive behaviors. This product is all about positive reinforcement for good behavior, and it's easy to take on the go. Your child will be wearing the band, and the charms can be stowed away in the carrying pouch inside your purse or pocket. So no matter where you are, if you see your child reaching a Kudo Goal, you can say, "Kudos!" and give her a charm.

We also like that this is very customizable based on the age of your child. You can change the goals you want your child to reach as well as the rewards as your child grows, and you can even add different charms to the bands, sold separately, for a more personalized accessory that kids will really like wearing and showing off.

Who It’s For

Kudo Banz is for ages 3 and up. This parenting tool is designed to help parents reinforce positive behavior and motivate children to learn new behaviors.

What To Be Aware Of

There are additional charm kits sold separately if you want specific themed charms, such as pirates or princesses.

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