Star Wars Bocce Ball Review (SwimWays)

Star Wars Bocce Ball
What It Is
The Star Wars Bocce Ball set comes in a zippered carry bag with two compartments, eight Bocce Balls,  featuring four different colored balls, with two colors representing the dark side and two colors representing the light side. There is also a Pallino that features the Star Wars logo. The Dark Side Bocce Balls, Red and Black, feature sketched images like Darth Vader and The Death Star. The Light Side Bocce Balls come in the colors of orange and blue and feature images of R2D2 and The Millennium Falcon among others.  The game is played like regular bocce , outdoors and on grass, and you play to 13 points to win.
Is It Fun?
Bocce is an outdoor game played on grass that is similar to lawn bowling. This set features quality Bocce Balls representing The Dark Side and The Light Side, which adds a little fun to the play. Most importantly, this is a quality set with a nice carry bag that makes it easy to take to friends.
Who It’s For
This really isn't a toy but a sporting goods product. The weight of a bocce ball will be a little heavy for many young kids, but that is dependent on their personal strength.  If you want a bocce set that's also super cool, this fits the bill.
What To Be Aware Of
This is to be played OUTSIDE and on a lawn. The size needed can be determined by the players and space available.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy