Wish You Were Here Pet Toy New York Review (Ore' Originals Inc.)

Wish You Were Here Pet Toy New York
What It Is

The Ore' Originals Dog Toy Collection are quite different from the dog toys you usually see on the market.  The three toys from the line that we reviewed are, the Fetch Dog Toy Gnome, the Wish You Were Here Dog Toy New York and the Cactus Rope Toy.  The graphics on these toys are very different and whimsical.  The Wish You Were Here Dog Toys look like mini replica pillows that travelers might find in souvenir shops. The Gnome toy has a cool photo-real image of a garden gnome and the Cactus Rope Toy is colorful and has doggy terms on the back like bark, fetch etc.  We think these toys would be perfect as quirky gifts for pet parents or as an addition  to any dog's toy box.  The Ore' Originals seem to be well made with a semi-tough canvas outer layer while the insides are stuffed with non-toxic, recycled cotton. 

Is It Fun?
Like most stuffed toys these would be fun for Fido when used for indoor fetch games or mild tugging. 
Who It’s For
The Ore' Original Dog Toys would be great as a quirky gift for a doggy mom or dad.  We think smaller dogs would do best with these toys.  These are not for aggressive chewers. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Ore' Original Dog Toys are not chew toys.  They should not be left for long with your dog and should be taken away if too much damage occurs.  The Wish You Were Here Dog Toys have 3 styles, New York, California and Texas.  These toys are stuffed with recycled cotton that is non-toxic.
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