Senses 2.0 Super Circuit Review (Catit)

Senses 2.0 Super Circuit
What It Is

Catit's 10-piece peek-a-boo circuit system can be set up in multiple ways, not only by itself but also with other products in the Senses 2.0 line. We found that when we paired the Super Circuit with other Catit products, the circuit really became the glue that held all the pieces together in this modular play system. Some suggestions to pair with the Super Circuit:  Grass Planter, Digger Feeder System and the Tower Scratcher.

Why Is It Useful?

We found the Super Circuit useful in two ways. One, it kept the rest of our Catit products synced neatly together. Two, it helped Clawd release energy in a quiet way. 

Who It’s For

The Super Circuit system specifically is intended for kittens and cats with a lot of energy. And that's exactly what my baby Clawd is. He bats around the rolling ball for ages. And since it comes with two endcaps to send the ball back in the other direction, he was able to entertain himself. Quinn, on the other hand, took one sniff of the rolling ball and moved on. The temperament of your cat will dictate the success of this play arena in your own home. 

What To Be Aware Of

The whole system slides together with slide and lock grooves. Which were pretty easy to put together and then subsequently take apart. But the green peek-a boo covers are kind of time consuming when you want to take those off to clean or for general storage. I used a butter knife to help guide them apart when I was ready to put them away.  We would also suggest cleaning this unit and any other Catit add-ons frequently to see best results.  If your cat uses this system as much as ours did, general debris tends to build up quickly.  The consequence of something being useful was how we read it.

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