Treat Spinner Review (Catit)

Treat Spinner
What It Is

Whether you decide that putting treats in the Treat Spinner or just regular dry kibble works best in your home, your cat can dig and push for little prizes all in their own time. We found it worked best by putting their dry food into the Spinner since there are a lot of openings, and putting Clawd's favorite treats in there would make him an even fatter kitty.

Why Is It Useful?

We would, however, venture to guess that this Treat Spinner would be most effective in single cat homes. The feeder is not large enough to continuously feed multiple cats. The system is also simple to clean, as it is only two parts. And the silicone cover can be removed and washed easily.

Who It’s For

Since both my cats already eat out of an interactive feeder, they took to the Spinner with relative ease, albeit they had to share while doing it. So if your cat is already used to interactive feeding, this is an easy change-up and they are sure to get the hang of it quickly. And even if this is your cat's first time with interactive feeding, the holes atop the Spinner are many and large, keeping it from being complicated for your cat to learn and enjoy using.

What To Be Aware Of

If you decide to try this Catit Play product in your home, just note that this system tends to leave kibble strewn on your floor. And thankfully for me, Clawd is a furry vacuum so he was pretty good about picking up any leftovers that were on the floor. And depending on the floors in your home, the spindle spinner on the bottom might not be best for hardwood floors.

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