Catit Flower Fountain Review (Hagen)

Catit Flower Fountain
What It Is

Catit's Flower Fountain, with a large 3 liter water reservoir and three choices for water flow, the Flower fountain is able to hydrate even the pickiest of drinker. It comes with a 4 foot long cord, that connects to the super-quiet pump, enough power to quietly generate the perfect flow for your feline.

Why Is It Useful?

The whole Flower Fountain system is very easy to maintain and even easier to clean. The bowl is large, so refilling the reservoir happens much less than standard stagnant bowls. And the whole system doesn't really have any small crevices for bacteria to hide and all the flower pieces easily disconnect from one another during cleaning. So it's quick to take apart and quick to put back together.

Who It’s For

Clawd and Quinn really took to having all three water components connected (green, white and yellow) when they chose to hydrate, resulting in calm streams of water, flowing from the top of the flowers 'pollen' center. You can also remove the pollen section of the Flower Fountain for a bubbling top of water or remove the flower altogether for a gentle and babbling water flow. With all these options, it takes all the risk out of buying this smart design water fountain, because there is a setting for everyone.

What To Be Aware Of

Everything is BPA-Free and can be cleaned with natural soap. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly after washing and to replace the Flower Fountain-specific filter every thirty (30) days to ensure that the filter is clearing out any trace elements that could lead to urinary tract infections in your cats. The triple action filter, when regularly changed, not only makes sure that trace elements don't find their way into your cats drinking water, but also keeps out hair and debris that naturally gets kicked around in the home. As well as combating odors from chlorine and stagnant water. Making this the smart and efficient way to keep your cat healthy and hydrated.

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