Orb Hi-Def Creation System Review (Orb)

Orb Hi-Def Creation System
What It Is

The Orb Hi-Def Creation System from Orb is a new coloring system that features unique blendable colors to create a high-quality finish.

Instead of using colored pencils or crayons, this set comes with what Orb calls its Hi-Def FusionStix, which have a creamier consistency than a crayon but are still harder than charcoal (think: pastels). There are 60 of these FusionStix included. In addition, you get two practice worksheets and a 2-in-1 Fusion Blender tool. 

How it Works:

Use the FusionStix to color and trace the included templates, for example, and then use the 2-in-1 Fusion Blender to blend the colors together. The blender tool features two ends. One works better for larger areas, according to the company, while the other is suggested for finer details. 

Is It Fun?

The unique consistency of the FusionStix and their ability to easily blend together can achieve a high-end look to any coloring creation when used with the right set of supplies.  The problems we experienced with the included paper aside (See What to be Aware Of, for more on this), we really like the uniqueness of these coloring utensils, which for kids and adults that take their coloring time seriously offers a great solution to blending colors into a vibrant, hi-def art project. 

Who It’s For

The Orb Hi-Def Creation System is for ages 8 and up from Orb. It will appeal to kids (and adults) that like coloring and creative activities. This kit is also intended to fuel a lot of open-ended play so it will likely be better suited for users not looking for a lot of direction, but rather supplies.

What To Be Aware Of

The included practice paper, we felt doesn't do the these coloring supplies justice. This paper didn't seem to absorb the colors as well and gives it more of a crayon-like end result. Pairing them up with a thicker card stock (paper weight) of any kind allows the Fusion Blender to simply do it's job and BLEND better. 

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