Mecard Mecardimals Review (Mattel)

Mecard Mecardimals
What It Is

Now you can battle within the world of Mecard with the Mecardimals. These transforming vehicles are based on the Mecard TV show and there's even a battle-action game to go with them. 

There are 27 Mecardimals to collect, and each one comes with three playing cards in bronze, silver, and gold. When a Mecardimal rolls over a card, it transforms into a mech warrior. And once transformed, its faction color will be revealed. The first time, you'll have to peel off the sticker to reveal what faction color your Mecardimal is in. Knowing the faction color will help you determine how many points your Mecardimal scores when you're playing the game.

To play the two-player game, each player will need one to three Mecardimals in their "ready zones", separated by 15 inches. Within that 15 inches, each player places three playing cards. After a count of three, both players roll a Mecardimal at the same time. If both Mecardimals open and pick up cards, then there is a battle. Match the Mecardimal's faction to the corresponding points number on the side of the card it picked up. The Mecardimal with the highest points wins and gets the card. 

But that's not all. Each player gets to use the ability on any card that their Mecardimal picked up. This could mean rotating cards in the field, looking at cards in the field, or moving cards to a new location.

Continue playing until one player has won three cards.

Is It Fun?

Kids who like watching the show (Mattel has the episodes on YouTube) will enjoy collecting their favorite Mecardimals characters and seeing how they transform in real life. The battle game will be fun, too, and has a lot of suspense because you don't know what card your vehicle will land on, which point value you'll get, or if you'll even land on a card. We think kids can play it solo with just their own collection of Mecardimals or they can challenge a friend.

Who It’s For

Mecard Mecardimals are for ages 6 and up. This will be a fun merging of toy car play and gaming for kids who like both.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Mecardimal is sold separately. The Deluxe vehicles are $14.99 and the Jumbo vehicles are $19.99.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy