Pooparoos Surpriseroos Review (Mattel)

Pooparoos Surpriseroos
What It Is

Pooparoos Surpriseroos is a collectible line of poop toys from Mattel that taps into the trends of both poop-themed toys and the fun of unboxing multiple surprises.

The first surprise:

The first unboxing surprise comes when you lift the lid on the toilet seat to see which squishy Pooparoos Surpriseroos figure is hiding inside. Among the characters you could get in series one are the purple or blue Bunny, the black and white Panda, the pink Bear, the white unicorn, the blue or yellow monster, or the Corgi dog.

The second surprise:

The second surprise comes inside the toilet tank, where you'll find three magic paper packs. Place each in water to dissolve the paper and reveal tiny food for your pet. These micro-sized versions of popular food include mini macaroons, hotdogs, cupcakes, donuts, and of course (of the none-food variety) there's colorful poop.

The third surprise:

Feed each to your Pooparoos and plop them on the toilet for another surprise, they'll poop the food right back out. Simply eat and squeeze to make them poop again for repeat play. Once playtime is over you can store your Pooparoos Surpriseroos back in the toilet bowl and the food back in the tank.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun new collectible line hitting on a lot of trend, such as unicorns, poop, tiny food, and unboxing, all while still also being unique in its own way. Gross-out toys used to be just for boys, but the poop emoji has proven poop when used in a cute way like the Pooparoos line does can be just as fun for girls, too. Plus we think kids will like the reveal aspect and collecting its adorable characters, especially the unicorn and corgi, which we think will be chase toys in the line.

Parents will like that things store right back up in side the toilet playset when playtime is over.

Who It’s For

The Pooparoos Surpriseroos are for ages 4 and up from Mattel. If you are looking for upcoming collectible toys, we think these offer some great classic play patterns packaged in a new way. They will especially appeal to kids that like potty time toys, bathroom humor/gross-out toys, and also the competition of collectibles.

What To Be Aware Of

Pooparoos Surpriseroos are sold separately. Because they are blind packaged, you'll never know which character you'll fish out of the toilet bowl. If kids do get the same character though, part of the fun of collectible toys is trading and swapping them with friends.

The "pooper scooper" that comes with the playset is attached to the wall of the packaging. We mention this because this accessory is almost camouflaged so you'll want to make sure to don't accidentally throw it out when you are unwrapping/unboxing the toy.

After you fish out the tiny food characters from the toilet bowl, you may want to wipe them down since some of the magic paper can still stick to the toys. It's also worth noting these pieces are very tiny.

If you are super lazy, don't want to get your hands wet, or just can't to find out which tiny foods you've got, you can just rip open the magic paper packs, too.

The tiny foods will need to be situated inside the hole of the Pooparoos mouth, to easily "poop" the pieces back out.

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