Animoodles Miguel Frog, Hazel Sloth, Brady Lion, Randy Orangutan, Iris Unicorn Review (Portola Plush)

Animoodles Miguel Frog, Hazel Sloth, Brady Lion, Randy Orangutan, Iris Unicorn
What It Is

Here are some adorable stuffed animals that kids are going to love to pieces...literally! In fact, that's the whole idea! The Animoodles are stuffed toys with arms, legs and heads that are designed to come apart and then go back together in all sorts of silly, creative combinations. They were invented by former designers from Disney/Pixar and Apple, so you know the (simple) technology is great, and the design is appealing. With adorable faces and soft bodies, kids will fall in love with these.

The five characters in the first collection include Iris Unicorn, Hazel Sloth, Brady Lion, Randy Orangutang and Miguel Frog. They're made of very high quality fabric and are very cuddly. The pieces are all held together with strong, rare earth magnets that are securely sewn into the characters. They hold the piece together, but even younger kids can pull them apart fairly easily. The pieces go back together with a satisfying "snap." There are 11 magnets in each of the animals, so there are lots of different ways they can be configured.

We really enjoyed playing with them. They've got a unique look, and it really is fun to take them apart and discover how they can go together in so many different ways. For kids, magnets provide simple magic to a toy, and we think they'll find these irresistible. They'll enjoy finding different poses for the individual animals, but to  get the most out of the mix-and-match play, you're going to need at least two of them, but they can be fun individually.

Is It Fun?
Kids will love the silliness of being able to pull their stuffed animals apart and put them back together, as well as the fun of creating all different kinds of creatures. It's also very satisfying to play with the magnetized pieces, and that's a classic play pattern that's been very well done in these toys.
Who It’s For
Animoodles are for kids ages 3 years and up. They're for kids who love stuffed animals and will enjoy the mix-and-match play as well as creating stories about the characters they create.
What To Be Aware Of

The magnets are sewn securely into pockets within the pieces, so little fingers do not have access to them.

Dan Holland, one of the designers, has created many beloved characters from Toy Story 3, Inside Out, Wall-E, The Incredibles and many more. We think that sensibility is what gives these characters such appealing faces and characters.

The Animoodles are sold separately for $25 each, or in a bundle of five for $125.

The product is available at some independent toy stores and at

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