Avengers Infinity War Thanos Rising Review (USAopoly)

Avengers Infinity War Thanos Rising
What It Is

USAopoly's The Avengers Infinity War Thanos Rising game includes 42 Asset Cards, 4 Team Base cards, 17 dice, 80 counters, 34 tokens, 1 Deployment Zone, 1 Infinity Gauntlet, 6 Infinity Stone Cards, 6 Infinity Stones, and 1 Thanos figure. It is recommended for 2-4 players, ages 10+. Each game takes around 45 minutes to play. The object of the game is to recruit heroes and defeat villains before Thanos can collect all six Infinity Stones and completely mess with reality as we know it. This is a cooperative game - after all, you're the Avengers and Thanos is a pretty bad dude - you're best off teaming up! There are a lot of great details in this game, using the Avengers Infinity War movie as its source material. Avenger fans will enjoy playing the game as their favorite heroes and fighting against the most notorious villains. The combination of dice rolling, and the unique strategy points on the cards will fuel the gameplay. There are a few variants of the game, depending on your level of experience. Thanos Rising is a well-crafted game.  The only error I can find is a misprint on one of the die's sides - but that is an easy adjustment to make, and won't affect gameplay. Otherwise, I think Thanos Rising is an excellent gateway game for Avengers fans who do not usually play strategy games, and it will still be engaging for hardcore gamers.

Is It Fun?

Yes, fans of the Avengers and the film, as well as strategy gamers will enjoy The Avengers Infinity War Thanos Rising game.

Who It’s For
Avengers fans and gamers, ages 10+
What To Be Aware Of
We noticed an error between a die and the instructions.  Watch the video for more. 
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