Disney A Wrinkle in Time Game Review (USAopoly)

Disney A Wrinkle in Time Game
What It Is

A Wrinkle In Time: Daring Adventure Game is a cooperative-style dice game from USAopoly, based on the new movie adaption of the much loved Madeline L'Engle novel of the same title.

Object of the Game: Much like the story's plot, this game has players take on the roles of the main characters Meg Murry, her little brother Charles Wallace, and Calvin O'Keefe. Players work together to solve puzzles, decode messages, and "Tesser" to new locations to reach Mr. Murray, avoid the Darkness, and get home.

Game Set-Up:

The game (comes with) features a center game board and individual player boards that each player works off. Each player also gets a Flex Enfolder, which acts as a decoder of sorts during the game. 

Cards are sorted by Planet into 5 stacks (also numbers 1-5 for easy reference). A card is drawn from each stack in numbered order and placed in a separate pile face-up on the game board. A Mr. Murray's Cell card is then randomly selected and placed face-up on the center game board along with the orange die. 

All remaining die also represent the different A Wrinkle In Time characters, such as Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, Aunt Beast, Happy Medium, It, and The Black Thing. 


Your objective for each round is to get the value of all the Flex Enfolders within the range indicated on the Location Card in play for the number of people playing. The oldest player goes first, placing the First Player Token in front of him or her. There are two phases of play in a round. 

Phase 1: Look at the current Location Card to determine which dice to use and roll. If there are any +1 symbols face-up, you must add a token to the Darkness Meter on the center game board. Then, decide which of the remaining dice to "lock in" on your player board. If there is a directive for selected dice, follow it. If there is a bonus action associated with that dice character, do it. Your player board acts as a reference for info on what each die can do, but keep in mind each player board differs. So, for example, the actions associated with Mrs. Who on one player's board might be different than the Mrs. Who actions on another player's board. Play continues to the next player using the remaining dice. Continue until all the dice have been locked into the player boards. 

Phase 2: Players must assign the dice. Working collaboratively, all the dice must be transferred to the Operation Chain on the center game board in order to match them to the location card in play. The player with the First Player Token has the final say if there is any debate. Once established, start with the first die and follow the code of operations to flex your Enfolder. If the die is blank, there is no effect. The types of flex movements you can do are: Outward, Inward, Flip, and Wild (player's choice). Once complete, combine the center numbers on each player's Enfolder to determine if you meet the range requirement needed on the Location Card to move forward. If not, you'll need to start the round again. If so, move on to a new Location Card. [Editor's Note: We suggest you reference the included guide on how to flex your Enfolder. There is also a handy video tutorial on USAopoly's website if you need extra assistance.]

Camazotz: Once you reach Camazotz (location 3 of 5) and successfully reach the value needed on the Location Card, players will need to grab Mrs. Who's Quizzing Glasses to read the secret instructions on Mr. Murray's Cell Card. Each of these cell cards has a unique directive to unlock the Mr. Murray Die. 

Winning: To win the game, players must complete all five locations to get home to Earth. 

Losing the Game: If the Darkness Meter hits its peak and there are no spaces left to place a token on the meter, it's game over. 

Is It Fun?

We think this is a great beginner strategy/dice game and we liked the cooperative game style. Fans of the movie and book will especially enjoy how this game uses the characters, settings, and elements and turns it into a unique gaming experience. 

Who It’s For

The Disney A Wrinkle In Time A Daring Adventure Game is for ages 8 and up from USAopoly. This game can be played solo or with up to three players. It will appeal to fans of the book and film, but knowledge of either is not required for gameplay. This game may also serve as a good introductory cooperative dice game.

What To Be Aware Of

The player boards are double-sided to offer two different levels of difficulty and featuring different actions for the characters. Start on side one until you get comfortable enough with all the gaming mechanics.

You may only lock in one dice on your player board per turn. 

Some characters' actions for the dice allow you to increase the range on location which you can indicate using the + and - Range Adjustment Tokens on the center game board. This can be extremely helpful in later rounds when the range required to move forward in the game gets smaller. 

In Phase one of a round, players will end up rolling the dice multiple times until all the die are locked-in.

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