3-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center Review (Fisher-Price)

3-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center
What It Is

The Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center from Fisher-Price is an elevated version of the the 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center. The products are essentially the same only this one is juiced up with added bells, whistles and, of course play value. 

Like the Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit to Stand Activity Center, this one features a safari theme throughout and converts to grow with baby to when she's standing. While the 2-in-1 requires baby to be able to hold her head up in order to use, the addition of the playmat allows for use even earlier on for tummy time play. You can even remove the toys from the activity center for baby to enjoy the lights and sounds of the alligator, for example, on the mat. Then once baby can hold up her head, move on to sit stage. Attach the play mat to the base of the activity center using the T-tags on the edges. In this mode, the playmat becomes a padded footrest for baby. In Sit Mode, baby can sit in the comfy, padded fabric seat, which is also removable for easy cleaning as well as adjustable to three different height positions thanks to a buckle at its base. 

The seat also spins so baby can explore all the activities that surround her, 360 degrees--a lot to engage with! There's a light-up alligator keyboard that can play 20-minutes of continuous music; bug pals that help teach color and shape recognition with bonus textures for added tactile play; a mirror for self-discovery; a giraffe rattle for sensory play; and more. Each of the toys clicks into place on the activity center and can also be repositioned or detached completely for play on the go or on the mat.

Once your little one outgrows the Sit stage, convert the activity center into a play table by removing the seat and seat pad and replacing it with the attachable racing ramp. This is easy to do in just a few clicks. You can then detach any or all of the roller bugs (held in place with t-shaped tags) and send them down the ramp and around the table. 

Is It Fun?

We love this play center's ability to grow with your child, which of course also means a few less purchases for parents. We also feel it's got a very clean and bright design to it that isn't an eye sore in terms of home decor. 

In terms of development, this activity center is packed to the gills with classic toys that are great for engaging baby's fine and gross motor skills as well as vision, auditory, and tactile skill development. If you've got more than one child, the multi-functionality of this play center also means multiple kids can engage with its features at once, such as baby in Sit Stage and toddler in Activity Table stage. 

There's only a $10 price difference between this and the 2-in-1 model so that extra $10 bucks goes a long way in terms of taking baby from birth through the toddler years. 

Who It’s For

The Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit to Stand Activity Center can be used from birth in tummy time mode to sit mode starting at about 4-6 months, then in activity table mode from about ages 9-36 months. It holds a maximum weight of 25 pounds. 

You may find baby is less than thrilled in tummy time mode so start small and work a little at a time. The detachable features of this playset will definitely help aid in getting baby moving and engaging baby's gross motor skill development.

What To Be Aware Of

When adjusting the height positions in Sit Stage, babies feet should never hang in use but always lay flat on the floor.

The legs of the activity center are removable (with screw driver), so the activity center can be stored when not in use. 

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