Thomas & Friends Wood Cranky at the Docks and Spin & Lift Crane Review (Fisher-Price)

Thomas & Friends Wood Cranky at the Docks and Spin & Lift Crane
What It Is

Fisher-Price's Thomas & Friends Wood Spin & Lift Crane and Cranky at the Docks are recommended for ages 3+. They are sold separately.  Cranky at the Docks includes 2 track pieces, 4 cargo loads, Bulstrode the barge, Cranky the crane, and a very worried crane operator. Cranky also enlists a magnet to assist with those heavy loads, that can be lowered and raised with the help of the red knob. Neither Cranky nor Bulstrode are known for their great attitudes, so it's no surprise that the operator is a bit concerned. The Spin & Lift Crane includes a Troublesome Train car, 4 tracks, 2 pieces of fishy cargo, a crane, and a giant crane operator. Connect the tracks to each other and the crane station. The crane spins and its magnet allows you to lift the cargo and load into the train car. Many of the pieces in these sets are made from sustainably sourced wood. It's sturdy quality, and great for the environment. 

Is It Fun?
Yes, kids will love these toys and creating their very own Thomas & Friends adventures.  
Who It’s For
Thomas fans, ages 3+
What To Be Aware Of

Sets are sold separately. Thomas & Friends Wood Cranky at the Docks is $59.99 and Spin & Lift Crane is $49.99.

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