The Real Ghostbusters Playmobil Review (Playmobil)

The Real Ghostbusters Playmobil
What It Is

BOO! The New THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS sets are here. For ages 6 and up, these sets are loaded with fun accessories. Checkout set #9386 which has 38 pieces, it comes with Spengler figure, a 4 wheeled cage car, a spooky moth like ghost, a removable disc launcher and other accessories. Set #9385 has 37 pieces and comes with Venkman figure, a cool water shooting copter to fend off an electro-charged skeleton ghost and accessories. Set #9387 has 37 pieces and comes with Zeddemore figure, an aqua scooter, firing projectile, and spooky octopus that changes color in warm water. And finally Set #9388, comes with 31 pieces and includes Stanz figure, a skybike with foldable wings, firing projectiles, ecto goggles and creepy zombie. All sets come with proton pack & wand, ghost trap and PKE meter and are decorated with cool Ghostbusters stickers to complete the look. Based on the animated series, these 4 mini sets take about a 10 minute to assemble and these ghoul chasing pals pack a paranormal punch!

Is It Fun?
These popular characters and ghostly bad guys bring lots of imagination stirring fun to young fans of the series and Playmobil collectors as well. The vehicles are cool and have special features like transforming action or firing capabilities for battling and catching those pesky haunting spectres. There are plenty of accessories in each set and kids will love all of the special tools the Real Ghostbusters employ. 
Who It’s For
For ages 6 and up, kids will love creating new scenarios for these ghost busting buddies. With lots of accessories, fans of The Real Ghostbusters series, or films, or just any child with imagination will get a kick out out these sets. What's not to love? Each set comes with a Ghostbuster, ghost, and vehicle so there is plenty to keep a young ghost chaser busy. 
What To Be Aware Of

These 4 mini sets take about a 10 minute to assemble and each is sol separately. They make excellent additions to any Playmobil Ghostbusters play sets 

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