Harry Potter Magical Beasts Board Game Review (Pressman)

Harry Potter Magical Beasts Board Game
What It Is

The Harry Potter Magical Beasts board game from Pressman is a 2-4 player game in which players compete to be the first to ID a magical beast from the world of Harry Potter. 

Goal of the Game: All the magical beasts have escaped and it's up to you to recapture the creatures and bring them back to Hogwarts. But it will take a bit of detective work. Be the first player to collect all of the Beast Clue cards you need to successfully identify a magical beast from the world of Harry Potter to win this game.

Beasts include the Phoenix, Acromantula, Pixie, Merpeople, Hippogriff, and Basilisk. 


Players select their character mover (Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny). Cards are shuffled and organized by category: Class, Color, Location, and Size. Place the cards  along the side of the board. Select a side of the board to begin play on (Hogwarts Interior or Hogwarts Grounds). Each player also receives a personal clue chart. Players position their movers on the center game board on any passage space to begin. The player who rolls the highest die number goes first. 

How to Play:

Players take turns rolling the die and moving the indicated number of spaces around the game board. As players move around the board, they are trying to make their way to the Beast Clue spaces they need to gather intel to ID a beast. 

  • Landing on a Beast Clue space: If you land on a Beast Clue space during your turn, you may draw the type of Beast Clue card indicated. Beast Card categories include: M.O.M. (Ministry of Magic) Classification, Color, Location, and Size. As you play, keep your cards face down, organized by category, in front of you.
  • Flipping the Game Board: Gameplay can change quickly thanks to the game board's design, which flips for two areas of play: Hogwarts Interior and Hogwarts Grounds. Each side features two of the Beast Categories. If you roll the Passage Icon ("P") on your turn, you must move to any Passage space on the board and flip the game board to the other side. Before you flip the board, remove any opponents' movers that are not on a passage space at this time. Once the board has been flipped, you determine where to place your fellow players' movers. You may also choose to steal a top Beast Clue card from any player that was not on a passage space. 

As you play, reference your Ministry of Magic Clue Charts on your player board to help ID which beast you have. Play continues on until one player successfully IDs a magical beast. 

Is It Fun?

This is an easy game to run through and it's perfect for Harry Potter fans who will recognize all six of the beasts included in the game from the Harry Potter books and films. Players will also have fun doing a bit of detective work to pull clues together to ID the beasts. It reminds us a bit of a game of clue but perhaps with a bit less guesswork required. 

In addition, we like the game board's design, which does a good job of bringing in the magical aspects of J.K. Rowling's World of Hogwarts.

Who It’s For

 The Harry Potter Magical Beasts Board Game is for ages 8 and up from Pressman. This is a game that will appeal to fans of Harry Potter as well as mystery-style board games. While the game's theme is Harry Potter, knowledge of the books and movies is not required to play this game.

What To Be Aware Of

Keep in mind, you can't collect Beast Clues from the same space two turns in a row and must move off the space on your following turn. 

It can benefit you to collect multiple types of a category in order to safeguard your cards from another player. Players may only draw the top card of a category from an opponent's deck. 

Beast Card categories include: M.O.M. (Ministry of Magic) Classification, Color, Location, and Size. 

This game is based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter books. It does not feature beasts from Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them or Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

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