Vesper Minou High-Quality Bench Scratcher and Hideout Review (Catit)

Vesper Minou High-Quality Bench Scratcher and Hideout
What It Is

The Vesper Minou's makeup is cute and compact, but it has all these perfect ideas, executed in such a way that the piece still looks good. It looks like it would fit into any home, and it would look like it was meant to be there. Its not a garish eye-piece like some cat products we've come across. 

Why Is It Useful?

The Vesper Minou is a great, stylish bench scratcher and hideout in one. And I am sure all of us cat owners and lovers can appreciate a product that makes itself as useful as possible. 

Who It’s For
This piece is sure to engage a range of cats and kittens.  With so many different elements to keep them comfortable and happy, every temperament of cat can find something they like about the Minou. 
What To Be Aware Of
We have zero complaints when it comes to the Vesper Minou by Catit.  It's sturdy, efficient, safe and comfy. A real win for humans and cats alike.
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