Senses 2.0 Digger Review (Catit)

Senses 2.0 Digger
What It Is

Whether you have one cat, or a whole litter of them at home, this interactive feeder will encourage your felines to work for their food. Or treats. Or whatever it is you decide to place inside the various narrow and wide tubes. But it's all fun and designed to be used in a natural way. Very much in line with your cats natural instincts.

Why Is It Useful?

This became a staple for mealtimes in my home. The base is large enough, and there are enough tubes available, that both Clawd AND Quinn could paw out their meal in 'quiet harmony.' And with the silicone mat that locks into the base, it wasn't moving all over the place, like I have found to be the case with other interactive feeders. We also found that rough housing was kept to a minimum, maybe because they were spending and exerting energy during mealtime. And the Digger helped my furry ones to value every piece of kibble, even the ones that landed on the floor during their digs. So we had less food waste and no loose kibble strewn around the floor.

Who It’s For

And since all cats need (and want) to be challenged and stimulated, the natural pawing behavior that is needed for the Digger allows your cats instincts to take over, by digging and pawing out portions for themselves. But they tend to be smaller portions so it will reduce binge eating and encourage consistent activity with regular use.

What To Be Aware Of

And as the owner of this product, I found it very easy to clean and manage, which kept it from being a nuisance. And when paired with other products in the Senses 2.0 line, such as the Super Circuit, the Grass Planter or the modular Scratcher, they all connected together to make quite the playground for my furbabies. So make sure to check out TTPM's other videos from the Catit Senses 2.0 line to see what kinds of combinations are right for your cat family.

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