Senses 2.0 Food Tree Review (Catit)

Senses 2.0 Food Tree
What It Is

The Food Tree from Catit is a multi-tier interactive feeder that can be used for regular feedings, special treats, and even small toys and catnip-infused objects.  Or get creative and find other ways to use this with your furry friends. 

Why Is It Useful?

We found this useful in our home because of the multitude of things you can drop into the maze. If your cats aren't all that into getting their daily meals out of this product, you can drop their favorite treats in one at a time, and watch them work through the maze until they get their prize. And should your cat be uninterested in either of those paths, I also found that Clawd liked to bat his favorite ball around within the Tree as well.  

Who It’s For

And the Food Tree is designed in such a way that it is accessible for all types of cats. From the most timid of eaters, to the most aggressive of foodies.

What To Be Aware Of

Just keep in mind that since the Food Tree has so many uses, it may take a bit for your cat to figure out how best they would like to use it. So be patient and give it some time. And if you pair it with other products in the Senses 2.0 line, it will increase the chances of successful cat activity. With all of the potential combinations, and the fact that everything in this product line is SUPER affordable, you're sure to find some combination that works in your home.

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