Nightball Basketball Review (Tangle Creations)

Nightball Basketball
What It Is
Night Glow in the Dark Basketball is an orange basketball with a plastic shell that lets you play in the dark indoors or outside. The Basketball glows upon impact or movement and once activated, the glow stays on. If you continue to use, the glow will stay on. This basketball is BPA free, latex free, phthalate free , water resistant and floats.
Is It Fun?
If you are playing in a safe area in the dark(not in the middle of a street), this basketball can be really fun. The grip is decent, although its nothing like playing with leather or the synthetic grips.

The basketball is easy to see, and it can be a lot of fun in dark conditions.

Who It’s For
This Basketball is for kids ages 8+ and want to enjoy playing basketball when you don't have enough light. This won't replace or doesn't compete with a standard basketball if there's enough light.
What To Be Aware Of
If you're playing in the dark, you need to be careful. You never want to play in an area where you can get accidentally hit by a car, and if you are playing in the dark, you could run into other players if they are difficult to see. 
  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy