Avengers Infinity War Titan Heroes Iron Man Iron Spider Black Widow Star-Lord, and Captain America Review (Hasbro)

Avengers Infinity War Titan Heroes Iron Man Iron Spider Black Widow Star-Lord, and Captain America
What It Is

These 12-inch action figures let kids recreate scenes from their Marvel movies, including the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, with the voices of their favorite Avengers...and Star-Lord. While these six figures aren't very posable with only seven points of articulation, Hasbro tries to make up for it with incredibly detailed faces, accessories and interactive backpacks that make sound effects and, presumably say phrases from Avengers Infinity War.

The six figures included in the line are Iron Man, Iron Spider, Thor, Captain America, Star-Lord and Black Widow. And, for some odd reason, each one has an included phrase where they say their name. Maybe its for kids who have never seen a Marvel movie but are attracted to the bright colors of the costumes?

The most prominent figure in the line is Iron Man. He's a great looking figure, which is no surprise, since Hasbro excels at masked figures. This version of Iron Man comes with blasters that can be attached behind his shoulders, and his phrases include  "I am Iron Man" and "Iron Man locked and loaded."

Spider-Man swings in next, in his new Iron Spider costume. This souped up Spider-Man uniform was first seen at the end of Homecoming, and this is a good first good look at it in a well designed figure. To make Iron Spider extra spidery, his sound FX pack can be equipped with four legs that give him as many appendages as a real spider.  His phrases include "Here Comes Spider-Man" and "Web Shooters Engaged."

This is a good-looking Thor, and unlike the version featured in the basic line, this Thor has two eyes and no eye patch. Beyond, that, it's a great likeness of Chris Hemsworth . Thor is equipped with a battle axe, called Stormbreaker, and his phrases include "I am Thor, son of Odin" and "You will face Asgardian justice."

Captain America is one of the best looking figures in the set, and looks almost like Chris Evans leapt off the screen. Equipped with two panther claw looking shield weapon things,  Captain America can tell you "I am Captain America" and "We don't give up."

The only non-Avenger  is a masked version of Star-Lord. Since the basic and previous lines are also masked, this figure comes off as a bit boring. Star-Lord comes with his traditional blasters and can say, "The name's Star-Lord" and "I have part of a plan..." Sounds a bit more like the first Guardians of the Galaxy than anything else.

The line's standout figure is Black Widow. Featuring her blonde "I'm in hiding" disguise, Hasbro did a great job sculpting this figure's face, and and it might be one of the best Scarlett Johansson likenesses ever created in plastic. Black Widow comes with a grappling hook gun and she can say "Black Widow in position" and "I always hit my mark."

Is It Fun?
This is a fun toy for kids. They'll likely enjoy the oversized action figures and will marvel at the fact that they look like the characters featured in the Infinity War film, rather than their comic book counterparts.
Who It’s For

This line is age graded at 4 years and up and is a great line for kids. Collectors should skip it, even with the beautifully sculpted faces due to the limited poseability. 

What To Be Aware Of

To start, these figures are a bit pricey with a MSRP of $24.99 each, and with six figures in the line, it will cost nearly $150 to get them all. And, while the figures look like picture perfect Avengers, they do not feature authentic actors' voices.

An interesting thing to note is that within this set of six figures, four of them are also available at less than half the price in the basic line. The idea is that you can take the FX packs and plug them into the basic figures. So, if you don't care about authentic movie phrases and sounds or think the FX packs will get lost, check out the basic line for very similar Captain America, Iron Man, Star Lord and Thor lines. The only real difference is the basic Thor has an eye patch.
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