Avengers: Infinity War Titan Hero Deluxe Series Hulkbuster, Hulk, and Thanos Review (Hasbro)

Avengers: Infinity War Titan Hero Deluxe Series Hulkbuster, Hulk, and Thanos
What It Is

The one thing people like almost as much as the bigger than life characters featured in Marvels' films are the oversized toys to match. And three of the biggest characters in the film are Hulk, Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor and the Avengers: Infinity War's villain, Thanos the Mad Titan.

To give kids figures that measure up to these giant-sized characters, Hasbro upscaled its its Titan Hero Series 12-inch action figures with bulkier versions of these three characters.

While bulkier than the figures in the basic line, they only have limited movement. Hulk and Iron Man get seven moving parts, while Thanos only has six. These figures also don't come with any accessories. That said, kids will still love them, and due to some great face sculpts, especially Hulk, they're still a lot of fun.

As always, Hulk is big and green, while his face doesn't look like Mark Ruffalo, it is a great look for the Hulk.. He also seems to be giving the side-eye.

Iron Man is offered in his Hulkbuster armor, and the design looks similar to what we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, due to the limitations on the width of the toy, it's narrower than the movie design and doesn't look as good as you'd want.

Thanos is great. While people may hate the movie design for this fan-favorite character, this figure makes it look decent. And his face conveys Thanos's brand of condescending arrogance, which is a nice touch. the Infinity Gauntlet is also very well detailed, although Hasbro sacrificed a movable wrist to keep the Gauntlet in one position at all times, making Thanos less poseable than the other figures in the line. Maybe the Infinity Gauntlet is fused to his hand?

Is It Fun?

Ultimately, these are fun toys. They're great for younger kids who like the Avengers and want something big to play with.

Who It’s For

These are good basic play figures with a MSRP of $14.99 and an age grading of four years and up, kids will likely love playing with them.

What To Be Aware Of

Each figure in the line can work with the FX Packs found in the pricier Titan Hero Power FX line. While these toys work on their own as stand alone action figures, it's almost feels like you're only buying part of a toy and having to pay for additional content.

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