Avengers Infinity War Titan Hero Series Iron Man, Captain America, Star-Lord, and Thor Review (Hasbro)

Avengers Infinity War Titan Hero Series Iron Man, Captain America, Star-Lord, and Thor
What It Is

The biggest Marvel move ever, Avengers: Infinity War is almost ready to hit theaters, and with the large number of characters featured in the film kids are going to want to play with every character.  Hasbro has created multiple toy lines in every size to grant kids' Infinity War-sized expectations, including this 12-inch series.

These oversized "Titan Heroes" action figures are low on movement and posability and only feature five moving parts. And, beyond that, they're very hollow and lightweight, almost feeling cheap, especially when you consider that only half are packaged with accessories. That said, they make up for stiffness with excellent sculpts.

Thor is up first. His package features a version of the God of Thunder with his short Thor: Ragnarock hair, and he has two eyes. The action figure is actually wearing an eye patch. Costume details are well done, and a highlight of the figure is the detail paid to his facial hair. And, this figure even looks like Chris Hemsworth. Thor is one of the two figures that comes with an accessory - a sword.

As always, Iron Man looks good, since Hasbro generally does well with masked action figures.

Captain America also looks great, capturing a decent Chris Evans. And, the costume is the darker version we've seen in the trailer and on movie posters.

The last entry  is a masked version of Star-Lord. Again, masked Hasbro figures are generally good, but this figure would have been better if it was a maskless, Chris Pratt version. It's also worth noting that Hasbro made a very similar version of this figure for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and it's also similar to the version found in the pricier FX line. Star-Lord is equipped with two blasters. They can  attach to his legs, but his hands aren't positioned correctly to hold them.

Is It Fun?
Depending on their age - the younger the better for this line - kids will love playing with these oversized Avengers, and they'll offer hours of open-ended play.
Who It’s For

At a MSRP of $9.99 and an age grading of four years and up, this is a great starter line for younger kids who want oversized toys and don't care about accessories.

What To Be Aware Of

Each figure has an opening in its back, designed to hold an FX pack. This means the toy is packaged to get you to purchase the higher-priced Titan Hero Power FX Line, which costs around $25, to unlock movie sounds and phrases. Since not having them doesn't impact play value, the savings here are worth it.

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